Evaluation Fee Structure:

Cognitive (IQ) test only (brief report) – One  visit

Cognitive (IQ) test plus academic screen for school entrance (brief report) – Two visits

Autism Evaluation (typically includes: Interview, IQ, ADOS, adaptive behavior, social-emotional.  May also include learning evaluation) – Three visits

Learning/ADHD evaluation (typically includes: Interview, IQ, Achievement testing/Executive Functioning, Learning, Memory, Social-emotional) – Three visits

School Visits and Therapy are charged at my hourly rate of $175, unless they are part of a larger evaluation

Except for school entrance testing (IQ only or IQ/brief achievement), my reports include background, test results and interpretation, diagnoses, and recommendations)

My practice accepts cash, checks, and Visa/MC.  I do not currently take health insurance or do direct billing, but will provide you with an invoice for services. You can submit this invoice to your insurance company, or use it to be reimbursed through your medical flex spending account.