Range of Services

While the majority of my practice is focused on psychological assessment, I am fully trained and experienced in various forms of therapy and other kinds of interventions for children with autism spectrum disorders, and other developmental and emotional concerns. When I am able, I do take on therapy patients as well.

Please note that although I share office space with several other professionals, my private practice is a sole proprietorship, and I maintain an independent practice. I do not have a legal or financial relationship with other professionals in the office. All information you share with me remains entirely confidential, and is not shared without your consent. My records are stored and maintained privately and confidentially, separately from those of the other professionals who share my office space.

Evaluations typically involve:

  • When you contact me, we will discuss your needs and concerns, and I will determine whether I can provide the type of evaluation needed. In the case of separated or divorced parents, it is best if both parents agree to the evaluation.
  • ¬†Because I usually need quite a bit of background history and developmental information on a child in order to understand his or her current difficulties, I will have you download several forms from my website for you to complete prior to our first appointment. You may bring them with you to our appointment, scan and email, or fax them to me, if you feel comfortable.
  • The first visit is typically a 1 hour parent intake session, conducted without the child.
  • The second visit is 3 to 7 hours of testing, focused on identified concerns. Sometimes this must be done over two or more visits.
  • The final visit is a 1.5 hour parent feedback session, in which diagnoses and recommendations are discussed.
  • ¬†Within 1-2 weeks of the parent feedback session, you will receive a comprehensive, individualized report that provides information in a format that is fully understandable and useful to you, and to professionals and educators who may work with your child.